A big thanks to everyone who came by our stand to talk about Joinery Trade! We are overwhelmed with the response and amount of cabinet makers that are signing up as sellers. We look forward to getting you selling on Joinery Trade in the coming weeks. Contact us now if you would like to discuss becoming a seller.


Top 10 Questions From AWISA

1What is it?
Cloud-based software that helps you sell cabinets online to both public and trade. Joinery Trade makes it easy for you to setup a flat pack / cut-to-size business online.
2Who makes the cabinets?
You make the cabinets. Joinery Trade facilitates the transaction between a buyer and seller. All cabinets sold on/via Joinery Trade are manufactured by the seller.
3What other software do I need to sell on Joinery Trade?
Joinery Trade imports directly into CabMaster, Cabinet Vision and 3D Analyzer. We are currently talking with Microvellum and Idacsplus about importing directly into their software.
4Who sets the prices?
We spent many months developing a pricing algorithm that we believe is fair and reasonable for the buyer. We researched other flat pack websites and found that most of them are affordable until you need to alter the depth or height of a cabinet beyond the standard sizes. We wanted to make Joinery Trades pricing realistic at any size and have developed the pricing algorithm accordingly. As a Seller, you can increase or decrease our prices by a percentage.
5How much does it cost to get started?
The cost of becoming a seller on Joinery Trade is $5000+GST. Joinery Trade gives you the freedom to start selling online right away without investing hundreds of thousands in developing a complex website. There may also be costs involved in configuring your manufacturing software to be compatible with Joinery Trade. Contact us to find out more.
6Is there a yearly support/update fee?
No. The cost of support, updates, marketing, and development have been factored into our 5% sales commission.
7Is the commission variable?
No. We wanted to make our pricing structure easy to understand by fixing the commission at 5% for all sellers.
8What makes consumers buy from me over other Joinery Trade sellers?
Buyers have the ability to select sellers based on location, price and rating. We are also currently developing the functionality for buyers to submit reviews of sellers. When this is available buyers will be able to compare your reviews to other nearby sellers.
9Can I use Joinery Trade on my own website?
Yes. Using I-frame technology you can display your unbranded Seller page directly on your very own website. This is a perfect solution for selling to your trade customers as they won't see other Joinery Trade sellers on your website. We can assist you with this depending on how your website has been developed.
10How will the public find joinerytrade.com?
We have already started marketing joinerytrade.com to the public. The more sellers that sign up the more joinerytrade.com will be marketed to the public. We will market heavily via social media, Google AdWords, kitchen trends magazine, home improvement expos and more.